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Want to go to Kiel? Take the bus for your next trip and benefit from lower prices. Often you pay less than traveling by plane or train. Compare deals before you book and find your bus to Kiel in a few clicks on gopili! You can even sort deals by price, duration, and Kiel bus schedule times!

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Buses to Kiel from Germany

Journey Price Departure on At Company Searched
$7.58 5/25/24 2:15 PM FlixBus
$10.83 6/7/24 10:45 AM FlixBus
$16.24 8/18/24 5:05 AM FlixBus
$17.33 5/28/24 9:20 AM FlixBus
$18.41 5/27/24 8:20 AM FlixBus
$24.46 5/27/24 2:05 PM FlixBus
$32.51 7/19/24 8:35 AM FlixBus
$46.60 5/31/24 11:40 PM FlixBus

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Interesting facts about buses that you may not know

  • Hint: night buses exist for traveling long distances. While you sleep, your ride will pass quickly and you will also save the money you would have spent on a night in the hotel.
  • In France, before liberalization of the long-distance bus market in 2015, only one bus company existed. Six months after, there were already 5 companies operating on the market!
  • Take the bus and take care of the planet. Average fuel consumption per passenger is less than making the same trip in a personal vehicle. A bus consumes 9 times less than a car, 7 times less than a plane, and 3 times less than ridesharing!
  • 30, the average number of passengers that can be transported by a bus in Europe, which means that a bus can replace a minimum of 30 cars on the road.
  • Did you know? Bus companies in Germany offer their passengers samples of local beer during their trip! Cheers!